01 Old comparison page

There is an information overload when users reach the page. The page looks cluttered and overwhelming. Poor conversion rate and high bounce rate.
Since a significant number of users are experienced bettors, they embrace a large amount of information but they also warn about the fact that too much information can intimidate beginners.
02 New comparison page
It a user-friendly and easy to use for younger users. Providing an experience that users are familiar with. Remain the comparison as the core of the page.​​​​​​​
03 Responsiveness
Give users back their control. Allow them to sort out best odds as they expected with well-structured content. Remove clutters and clarify information.
The website is responsive but not fully adaptive for all screens. Bad experience on tables with extremely poor performance. The conversion rate on mobile is lower than 1%.
04 Match stats, in-play, and tips
Stats, Prices, and tips are the core resources that football bettors use when looking for content online to help inform their football betting decisions
younger bettors have a higher% of bets being influenced by tips
05 Other sports comparison
Ensure global compatibility from football to other sports, consistent user experience​​​​​​​
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