To cover all three objectives. 
1. To let the customers know that Glico ice cream is being sold in Thailand
2. The sticker collection will let customers know there are 8 different varieties.
3. To increase the sales, if we can put the code inside the packet, customers will definitely have bought the product in order to get the code. If this isn’t possible, we can still let the customers scan the barcode or just take a picture and use amazon technology. The difficulty with this is we can’t be 100% sure they will buy the product. 
The idea of the application is sticker collection books.
I came up with the idea of sticker collection books called ‘Glico hunt’
When the customer buys ice cream at the store, they will get 3 stickers via a code inside the package. After you scan the app.)
There are 8 different ice cream collections of stickers, but the stickers are not of ice cream ( that's too boring ) the customer will get a sticker of the cone, ice cream, chocolate, etc, to complete an ice cream ( there are 4 parts each ), so there are 32 different stickers. 
After they complete the collection, they can redeem a prize. E.g., if you complete the collection of a giant cone. And if you complete all of the 8 collections, you will get a bigger prize. If you complete 2 books or 3 books, you will get a very big prize like a trip to Japan.
There are some extra features on the app. E.g., customers will be able to find a store nearby, and they will get a notification when they walk in the vicinity of a store. That’s not the only way to collect stickers. You can take a selfie while holding the ice cream, and amazon technology will recognise the product ( in case you cannot put the code inside the packet. Alternatively, instead of putting the code inside the packet, we can let customers scan the barcode outside. The customers will have a lot of duplicate stickers, but they can trade with friends who have the application, too. Users will also get one sticker free when they share on social media.
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